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SDA Engineering group scope of activities are given hereafter.

Institutional Development

  • Institional reform vision and strategy development for govermental institutions.
  • Privatization, restructuring and dual restructuring of medium and large enterprises.
  • Enhancing private sector participation and public-private participation in public sector activities.
  • Capacity building and development of private, public and governmental institutions.
  • Organizational and infrastructure enhancement.
  • Human resources development through global training for development.
  • Agriculture and rural development, and natural resources management.
  • Organization studies and administrative management.
  • Gender and development studies, and women organizations and participation.


Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Application of modern methods and new technologies to micro and small enterprises.

  • Technical and economical feasibility studies of small enterprises.

  • Operation assessment of small enterpries, including technology review, labour, materials, logistics and products.

  • Financial assessments of small enterprises including accounting, auditing and financial forecasts.

  • Studying governmental regulations, restrictions and legeslations on micro and small enterprises operation.

  • Private and Non-Governmental Organizatios (NGO) based micro and small enterprises.



Project Management

  • Engineering projects planning, scheduling and resource management.

  • Projects financial planning and followup.

  • Project quality control and quality management.

  • Staff productivity improvement techniques, and productivity and performance measurement system.

  • Project internal monitoring, external monitoring and external support.

  • Supervision of infrastructure and utilities engineering projects.

  • Environmental impact assessment and development of environmental monitoring measures.



Industrial Engineering

  • Application of modern management and operations research techniques to industrial processes.

  • Recommendation of  modernizing methods and new technologies to industry.

  • Technical and economical feasibility studies for the industrial engineering projects.

  • Project management of industrial projects including supervision installation, commissioning and operation.

  • Materials management and inventory control studies.

  • Performing standardization studies for production industries.

  • Project management of various industrial projects.

  • Quality control and total quality studies.

  • Design of CAD/CAM based systems as design and manufacuring aids in industry.

  • Privatization, restructuring and dual restructuring of industrial enterprises.

  • Industrial auditing and environmental studies of projects and systems.

  • Industrial control systems, modeling andanalysis using computer technology.

  • Automation and instrumentation.

  • Design  and implementation of computer control systems for industrial processes.

  • Setting specifications for distributed computer networks together with conducting comparisons between vendors.

  • Supervising and following-up execution plans of process computer control systems.

  • Automation of Buildings projects using computer technologies



Computer Engineering

  • Providing technical and consultative work for both hardware and software including installation, commissioning, operation, troubleshooting and fault diagnosis.

  • Development of production and commercial information systems.

  • Development and implementation of packages for advanced Colour image processing and document manager systems ( both Latin and Arabic ).

  • Development of computer  software for decision supporting administration and industry.

  • Building expert systems and neural networks-based computer packages for on line industrial problems.

  • Providing consultancy in computer networking and communication.

  • Building integrated computer networks for information transfer in distributed environments.

  • Computer operation and maintenance, including system security and control.

  • Development of web-based applications, e-commerce and e-business systems.

  • Development Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) for various applications.



Energy Engineering

  • Design of electric power distribution networks.

  • Energy systems modeling and analysis.

  • Development of integrated solar (photovoltaic) systems.

  • Potentiality of using combined solar/wind generation systems.

  • Electric power systems, generation and control using SCADA systems.

  • Designing building automation system using EIBA (European Installation Bus Association) standards.

  • Nuclear energy systems, analysis and control.

  • Technical and economical feasibility studies in various energy projects, including Desalination and Renewable energy projects.

  • Project management of various energy engineering projects.

  • Training in various aspects of energy engineering, SCADA systems, and energy management.



Communication Engineering

  • Project management of communication projects including supervision, installation, commissioning and operation.

  • Data , Voice and Video transmission.

  • Mobile , cellular and  HF/VHF/UHF Systems.

  • Satellite and terrestrial networks.

  • Fiber Optic Networks.

  • VSAT and large Gateway stations.

  • Encoding and Base Band processing.

  • TDMA and FDMA satellite multiple access.

  • Digital and Analog Modulation,  SCPC and multiplexed transmission.

  • Local Talk , Ethernet , Token ring and FDDI Local Area Networks.

  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) for PC's and Mainframes.




Water Engineering

  • Water resources planning and utilization including surface water, groundwater, reuse of drainage water, wastewater treatment and desalination.

  • Groundwater resources modeling and evaluation.

  • Water demand analysis and forecasting for municipal, industrial, agriculture, livestock, and fish farming usage.

  • Development of river transport fleets.

  • Agriculture hydrology and land reclamation.

  • Water supply and sanitation system analysis and design.

  • Technical and economical feasibility studies in various water engineering projects.

  • Wadis (small basin) technology, including the hydro-morphological studies and sand movement.

  • Design of surface water control projects including dams, culverts, dykes, …etc.

  • Integrated coastal zone management systems planning and development.

  • Stakeholders' participation in water resources management.

  • Information dissemination and awareness strengthening in integrated water resources management project.

  • Project management of various water engineering projects such , including contractors supervision.

  • Training in various aspects of water engineering planning, operation and management projects.



Training and Technology Transfer
  • Providing key administrative, technical, marketing and financial staff needed for engineering projects execution.

  • Design of educational facilities for institutions and professional training.

  • Design training courses in instructional design and educational technology.

  • Provide technical  assistance in  various subjects of distance learning and internert- based instructional systems.

  • Providing experienced manpower on computers and software services including consultants, developers, designers, programmers, data entry, coding and digitizing staff.

  • Development of training courses for skill development and technology transfer for both administration and industry.

  • Design special on the  job training for various areas of water and energy engineering.

  • Design of computer-based instruction systems, for real life problems.

  • Arranging advanced training courses on particular engineering and technological aspects in both Canada and USA.

  • Arranging training courses for industry covering process computer control, management information systems, automation and instrumentation.



Software Products

1. SDA Trademark Registration System (TMS):

This computer package is an advanced Arabic/Latin system, that automates the trademark registration, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). TMS package is composed of 55 modules, that handle trademark genuity search, as well as various trademark workflow navigation process, such as application, publication, registration, renewal, refusal, opposition, cancellation, reporting payment, procedures and mark historical movements. Versatile techniques are included for checking the new mark genuity, including figurative search (Identical or Similar) and textual search (Arabic or Latin with soundex), see as example the attached screen.

The system has been successfully developed and presently operational in the Ministry of Commerce in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. In building the TMS workflow, seven mark modes are defined as: Applied Mark, Refused Mark, Published Mark, Opposed Mark, Registered Mark, Frozen Mark and Cancelled Mark. As the TMS system was developed to regulate the workflow navigation many interlocking are added in the system to insure registration and procedures processintegrity. The TMS system is equipped with a detailed security system at each system level and function, accompanied by user follow-up and auditing. The system can also be tailored to each country’s needs and is not restricted to specific hardware or operating system. In all our dealings, the clients owns the source code of the program for future modification.

2. SDA Imagery System:

This package is an Arabic/Latin Document Manager System, developed to handle electronic multilevel archiving systems. Five self configurable levels are included in the package, namely: The Cabinets, The Drawers, The Folders, The Files, and The Page Type.The SDA Imagery package is universal in incorporating different types of images from black and white to true colors with various formats, and with various sizes from the standard A4 to the Engineering drawings of size A0. Levels of security are flexible, to be tailored according to the needs of the users.

3. SDA Tournament Teams Tossing System:

This oracle-based package is directed towards automating the tossing procedure of teams playing in tournaments.The system identifies each team by its name and representative flag (or country flag). The team flags are then tossed in public using a random number generator built in several steps until final selection of team is made, then its matching team is then selected. The procedure is repeated until all team schedules are completed. The package is based on advanced artificial intelligence and probability theory foundation. It is also equipped with implement to resume the tossing operation in case of tossing stops due to any failures. It is also furnished with multimedia impressions that makes the package suitable for public occasion specially for events broadcasted by TV.


Partnerships and Counterparts

SDA Engineering is a partner or counter partner of the following organizations:

  • Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer  Professional Engineering Services.
  • Business partner of IBM World Trade Corporation.
  • Business partner of European Installation Bus Association (EIBA) and KNX (Smart Home and Building Solutions).
  • Business partner of Oracle Incorporation for the Middle East area.