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SDA Engineering was founded by Dr. Hassen T. Dorrah, P.Eng. and Associates in the year 1976. The company history is summarized as follows:

Year Status
1976 Opening a Professional Engineering registration License in The Province of New Brunswick, Canada.
1979 Opening an SDA Office in Cairo, Egypt under the name SDA Engineering (Consultants).
1989 Obtaining SDA Certificate of Authorization from The Association of Professional Engineering in the Province of Ontario, Canada under Salem, Dorrah and Associates (SDA).
1990 Registration of SDA in the province of Ontario as a General Partnership Company.
1992 Revising company By-Laws and establishing the Board of Directors.

1992- 1996

Opening offices and liaisons in the Gulf Area including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.
1996 Company is incorporated in Canada and name becomes SDA Engineering Canada Inc


Establishing Arabian Information Technology (AIT) Company in Bahrain for carrying out SDA activities in Gulf area.


An independent company is incorporated in Egypt with name SDA Engineering (Consultants) S.A.E.


Opening two SDA Engineering branches at Shoubra (Cairo) and Fayoum (Fayoum), Egypt.