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We Provide Computer and Software
Services Worldwide

  • We take turnkey computer projects including software development through SDA group in Canada and Middle East.

  • We provide experienced manpower on Computer and Software Services , including Consultants , Developers, Designers, Programmers and Data Entry Personnel.

  • We take intensive data entry and digitizing project and complete them at SDA or customer sites.

  • We provide training programs in North America, Middle East, and Africa for groups in various areas of computers and software engineering, both in Arabic and English.

  • We represent international hardware software computer companies at Middle East.

Operating Systems.
Database Development.
Program Building / Testing.
Communication Protocols.
Multimedia Applications.
Services Via Internet.
Computer Networks.
Data Entry and Digitizing.
Training / Technology Transfer.

Contract Durations
Short Term (Days).
Medium Term (Weeks).
Long Term (Months, Years).