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 Enhancing Awareness Institutional Reform   of Within The Ministry and Among Key Stakeholders

Country and Location: Cairo, Egypt.
Name of Client: GTZ (Germany) and Netherlands Government.
Address: Institutional Reform Unit, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Minister’s Office, MWRI Main Building, 11th Floor.

Start Date


December 2004

Completion Date


April 2005

Narrative Description of Project:



This project is directed towards developing a National Awareness Program that goes along with the various institutional reform activities at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. These activities cover decentralization, restructuring, stakeholders’ participation, private sector participation and modifications of legislations and deregulations. The awareness program is developed to spread the awareness among various groups within and outside the Ministry of the various concepts of the Institutional Reform. A strategic plan model for designing the Awareness Program is developed to design the awareness campaign for each target group through the various stages of the reform. The project presented the cost of carrying these programs and their proposed cost distribution among various funding groups.

The proposed Work Plan and Time Schedule is delineated in the report. The schedule is divided into the four defined phases of Pilot, Short, Medium and Long Terms. Each phase represents a separate cycle having its own activities including its theme, size of target group, logistics and equipment as well as selected tools and mechanisms.


Description of Actual Services:


The service provided is of consulting nature where all institutional reform awareness aspects were compiled in one volume and used as the guiding National Awareness Program for the Ministry. The Awareness Report was discussed by all key Ministry Senior Staff and personnel, related MWRI Projects and obtained their approval as the National Awareness Program to go in conformity with reform implementation.


A Strategic Plan Model for designing the Awareness Program is developed in a flexible and adaptable way. The model operates as a toolkit and is built in a spread-sheet form that can accept a variety of input changes.