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 National Water Quality and Availability Management (NAWQAM), Building Integrated Management Information System, and Development of Data Dissemination System Linked to Ministry Stakeholders 

Country and Location: Cairo, Egypt.
Name of Client: Canadian CIDA/Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada
Address: Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Planning Sector, MWRI Main Building, 6th Floor.

Start Date


July 2002

Completion Date


June 2006

Narrative Description of Project:



The first objective of this project was to build an integrated management information system for the Planning Sector of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. This information system was developed in a way that standardized all activity coding of the Ministry and enabled data sharing among various departments. Various IMIS components are Irrigation, Groundwater, Drainage Reuse, Wastewater Treatment and Desalination, Drainage, Municipal and Industrial, Agriculture, Environment, Economic, and Upper Nile. The IMIS provides the forum of a global Decision Support System that permits all various manipulations of data drilling and mining.


The second objective of this study was to develop the data dissemination system of the Planning Sector. The data dissemination system for the Planning Sector has depended on three different directions, namely: i) Traditional Dissemination Through Conventional Communication Medias, ii) Computer-Based Information Network (LAN/WAN) within Ministry, and iii) Deployment Through Internet. The project provides the foundation for building a dissemination and communication system to connect a network of stakeholders with the Planning Sector.


Description of Actual Services:


This project provided consulting and implementation work of the Planning Sector Management Information System and Dissemination System. The team carried out all various steps of analysis, design, and implementation of these systems with the cooperation of the Planning Sector staff.