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 Studying and Experimenting Private Sector Participation in Maintenance Activities

Country and Location: Cairo, Egypt.
Name of Client: World Bank.
Address: Egyptian Public Authority For Drainage Projects (EPADP), Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

Start Date


February 2005

Completion Date


July 2006

Narrative Description of Project:


The main goal of this assignment is to recommend a strategy for developing maintenance capacity with the local private sector. Therefore, the objective of this consultancy assignment is to conduct capability survey of small contractors and to make an assessment of work standards and needs for capacity maintenance works. In other words, the study of identify opportunities of decentralization and privatization of the drainage maintenance work through:


Recommending options for efficient utilization of EPADP-owned heavy equipment currently used in self-implemented maintenance work through the private sector. 


Identifying options and approaches to involve the private sector in the maintenance of small open drains and pipe drainage through the private sector including privatization of EPADP-owned maintenance capability (i.e. maintenance centers and equipment). 


Reorganization of EPADPís drainage department and centers to cope with the vision and objectives of the institutional reform and to rely more on the private sector in implementing the maintenance work while focusing more on monitoring regulation and providing drainage advisory service (DAS) when needed.


The second phase of the project is to carry out experimental work to evaluate private sector contractors contracting with EPADP or Integrated Water Resourc4s Directorates, and with Water Usersí Organizations. This will help in validating the various basic assumptions of the proposed strategy of private sector participation in maintenance activities. The experimenting work will help in attaining preliminary indices for expected level of success for achieving the targeted objectives for the expansion of the private sector participation and the institutional reform program (as a framework of such participation). Moreover, it will provide a model that can be used in the case of the pilot project success as an effective tool for the promotion of the institutional reform program.


Description of Actual Services:


The service provided is of consulting nature where all Drainage Directorates all over Egypt are visited to carry out field study with available Private Contractors and to collect views about transferring the drainage maintenance activities to the local private contractors. The strategy impact on EPADP human resources and available maintenance equipment are scrutinized. The strategy is then applied and monitored into the following five different cases: 


Traditional drainage maintenance contract at the Drainage Directorate (Large Contract).


Drainage maintenance contract applied to Drainage District (Medium Contact).


Manual or small maintenance contract at District level applied with strong presence of Water Usersí Organizations and Water Boards (Small Contract).


Traditional combined irrigation and drainage contract applied to Integrated Water Resources Management Directorate (Large Contract).


Combined drainage and irrigation contract applied to integrated district (Medium Contract)