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 Studying Integrated Water Management Districts and Directorates, Integrated Water Management Unit, Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation 

Country and Location: Cairo, Egypt.
Name of Client: US AID.
Address: Integrated Water Management Unit, Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, MWRI Main Building, 9th Floor.

Start Date


June 2004

Completion Date


October 2004

Narrative Description of Project:



This study program is aiming to assess the need for re-engineering district and general directorate offices, and to investigate the impact of the on going re-engineering on the performance of MWRI employees. The tasks to be carried out within this study may be listed as follows:


i) Interview ministry staff, other GOE, and clientele for suggestions on improving the organizational/operational structure of the IWMDs and General Directorates (IWMGDs) (why change is needed, what change is needed, expected benefits from change, how to implement the change, cost of change-training, equipment, etc.).
ii) List roles and responsibilities for each unit of the proposed organizational structure.
iii) Identify information flows- what, where, who, when (IWMD-General Directorate-Customers- MWRI Central-MOA-EEAA-etc.).
iv) Same as above but in non-IWM Districts.
v) Assess the impact of re-engineering on office performance (Customer and internal MWRI perspectives).
vi) Draft a job description for each District and General Directorate staff member.


Description of Actual Services:


The project provided consulting services based on field investigation, meetings and interviews, and the development of the organizational structures of both the integrated water management districts and General Directorates.