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 Technical Assistance to Evaluate Integrated Water Management District (IWMD) Training Activities, Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation 

Country and Location: Sharkia, Gharbia and Quena, Egypt.
Name of Client: US AID.
Address: Integrated Water Management Unit, Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, MWRI Main Building, 9th Floor.

Start Date


August 2004

Completion Date


September 2004

Narrative Description of Project:



The purpose of this report is to evaluate the training activities carried out under RSC/WP Water Component. The Consultant worked with RSC/WP and IWMU staff to evaluate the success of the training program in helping to achieve the objectives of the RSC/WP program.  Specific activities performed by the consultant included:


Interviewing representative participants from each of the Task groups (District Consolidation, Water Monitoring, BCWUA, Information System, Performance monitoring and evaluation); key persons from the four IWMDs, three Directorates, IAS, IWMU; and trainers and training providers.
Preparing lessons learned based on the results of the interviews.
Evaluating effectiveness of training program in supporting the implementation of the RSC/WP and the establishment of IWMDs and BCWUAs.
Reviewing gender issues related to the training program.
Providing recommendations on how to apply the lessons learned under the RSC/WP to the future LIFE project which proposes to establish IWMDs in each district in four Directorates and BCWUAs on each BC in all the Districts.


Description of Actual Services:


This project provided consulting work for training assessment, based on data compilations, interviews, and conducting questionnaires for participating Ministry staff at the four integrated water management districts. The main findings of the study are then generalized for the following LIFE project.