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 Participatory Shoreline Management Planning Models for Sustainable Development of the Local Communities in Egypt 

Country and Location: Cairo, Egypt.
Name of Client: Shore Protection Authority and DANIDA
Address: Shore Protection Authority Building, Fum El Ismailia Canal, Shoubra, El Mazallat, Cairo.

Start Date


February 2005

Completion Date


March 2007

Narrative Description of Project:



The proposed actions are expected to provide the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) for conservation of Coastal Landscape and Ecosystems, incorporating concerned stakeholders and the Civil Society in Matrouh Governorate. In carrying out the work, the project addresses the following issues as:


Restructuring of local service by the stakeholders, decentralization, participation and better governance.
Innovation of economic-technical-environmental sustainable local development models of tourism and fishery port planning based upon of participatory approach of stakeholders, communities and developers.
Community involvement in sharing objectives, decisions, and development of costs sharing mechanism.
Coordination of legislative and regulatory documents and set-up of organizational cooperative.
Democratizing and community involvement.
Dissemination and coordination with other Shoreline Management Planning program in Egypt.


The coastal key stakeholders responsible for the specific areas are the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA); Tourist Development Authority (TDA); the General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP) under the Ministry of Housing; the Governorate of Matrouh, with Shore Protection Authority (SPA) as the Head party. The project beneficiaries are NGOs, the local communities, environmental groups, the tourist industry and the engaged  public.


To support the policy-making process, a Coastal Group (CG) has been established, consisting of representatives from key stakeholder organizations.  Moreover, an Extended Coastal Group (ECG) - comprising of representatives from all other relevant stakeholder groups,  including official representatives from regional and local planning authorities and civil society groups as well as the general public in the area with an interest in or being affected by the SMP.


Description of Actual Services:


The service provided in this project is of consulting type with the international and national groups. The team shared in all the various activities in the project. The general tasks carried out can be summarized as follows:

i) Present planning framework including goals and objectives and provide relevant information and data for the preparation of the SMP.
ii) Define scope of work and of stakeholder involvement.
iii) Define and agree on overriding drivers for the area.
iv) Identify and resolve potential conflicts of interest.
v) Assess consequences of the preferred policies.


Disseminate the Shoreline Management Plan and the preferred policies.